Property Management

Whether you’re a real estate rental property owner, long term tenant, or a vacation property customer, there are major differences in the services you’ll receive from real estate and property management companies. You see, there are companies and real estate brokerages that provide property management services as a sideline, an adjunct to their other business. Then there are companies like JB Real Estate & Investment, Inc that specialize in property management. It’s our focus, whether you’re an owner or a renter. We focus on your needs and total satisfaction.

JB Real Estate & Investment, Inc has been an established property management company for real estate markets for many years. We know the area, amenities, school systems, government and jurisdictional regulations, and the specialized needs of both owners and renters. You see, we understand the requirements of both sides of a successful rental relationship.

Services we offer

JB Real Estate & Investment Inc excels in real estate property management niche simply because we do it right. And, doing it right isn’t a simple thing, as there are a great many details and important tasks involved in managing rental properties. Many companies in this business niche look on the many tasks and responsibilities involved as a “job” they must do for their business income. We at JB Real Estate & Investment,Inc see these many responsibilities very differently.

After all, without these many details we would be of lesser value to our clients and customers. Our commitment is to cover all the bases, and there is certainly a lot more involved in superior property management. We revel in the complexity involved in negotiating legal requirements, landlord–tenant regulations, property maintenance and fiduciary responsibilities to all our clients. It’s how we bring value to our owners and tenants, and this is why our clients and customers recommend us highly in the South Bay “Southwestern” Region of Los Angeles rental  and listing property markets.

Services for Homeowners
Homeowners who hold properties as rental investments or rent them out because a sale isn’t financially viable at this time have concerns that can only be met by a property management firm that understands their needs and commits to a high level of performance in delivering some very detailed services:

  • Marketing the rental property.
  • Tenant selection services:
    • legal and comprehensive tenant application.
    • tenant interviews that comply with all state and federal laws.
    • thorough background and credit checks, plus calling references.
  • Move–in and move–out services:
    • walk–through and tenant checklists of property condition.
    • rehab of the property between tenants.
  • Property condition & maintenance services.
  • Rent collection & disbursement:
    • timely collection of rents.
    • proper application of late rent procedures & penalties.
    • eviction processing if necessary.
Services for Our Tenants
Happy tenants make our day! Rental homes don’t stay occupied if we don’t do a great job for our tenant customers. They’re every bit as important as the property owners, and we prove it.

  • Professional care and maintenance of the property.
  • Sensible, non–intrusive occupancy rules for enjoyment and security.
  • Easy rental payment procedures.

Your home shouldn’t be any less of a home just because you’re renting. JB Real Estate & Investment, Inc wants you to be happy in your home, and we’ll prove it!

By making both our owners and tenants happy, JB Real Estate & Investment Inc has become a major provider of South Bay “Southwestern” Region of Los Angeles  property rental management services.

Within each of these steps there are a number of tasks and activities involved. JB Real Estate & Investment, Inc is here for our property owners for every one of them.

Property Owners

The backbone of a successful property management business is strengthened by the quality of the properties managed. JB Real Estate & Investment Inc entered the property management business with a quality–versus–quantity approach to the business. While we could have a larger number of properties in our market area, we instead chose to create a company culture of superior customer service for our homeowner/ our clients.

This approach to providing a comprehensive package of homeowner services has allowed JB Real Estate & Investment Inc to grow and prosper. You see, when we attract the very best properties by catering to our homeowner clients, they recommend us to others, and our inventory of South Bay “Southwestern” Region of Los Angeles rental property fine homes grows as well. The best rental properties attract the best tenants. By serving these tenants well, they also recommend us, and more quality tenants are lined up waiting for our rental homes.

There’s a comprehensive package of marketing media we provide for our homeowner clients. Learn more about our rental property marketing Contact us .


A major component of cost reduction in rental property ownership is the avoidance of damage and non–payment of rent. Thorough tenant screening, including interviews and a comprehensive application process, is how we reduces our homeowner costs in the rental property markets. Contact us to learn more about our tenant screening process.

Property Maintenance
Property repair and maintenance improperly handled can not only increase rental property costs, but it also can negatively impact resale when the investment is retired. Learn more about our  rental property maintenance procedures.
Tenant Management & Rent Procedures
Once a tenant is in place, unit vacancy costs can be substantially lower if they renew their lease. That’s far more likely to happen if the tenant is happy with the property and the service they received while living there. JB Real Estate & Investment Inc strives to make tenant satisfaction a high priority, and we know it’s working when they bring us other tenants as referrals. However, our obligation to our homeowners is just as high of a priority. Our procedures for collection of rent, remittance to owners, and accounting for all income and expenses are detailed and result in efficiency and lower risks for homeowners in the rental property markets. Learn more here about our rent & tenant policies.

As residents, if for whatever reason you choose to rent a home rather than buy, you should not have to trade off enjoyment of your home and lifestyle just because you’re renting. JB Real Estate & Investment Inc has developed a strong business as a rental property management resource because we consider our tenants as important customers deserving of top level rental property tenant services.While we need property owners and high quality homes in our inventory, they’re just half of the big picture. Without quality tenants, we couldn’t continue to command a top level position in rental property management. You’re important to us and to our property owners, and we prove it with services designed to make your time with us both satisfying and free of property management and maintenance stress.


Rental Payment  Process Problems are Resolve Quickly and Professionally
We understand the busy lifestyle we’re all faced with today. We’re working hard and time for enjoyment is shrinking. Paying bills is a hassle, and we do our best to make payment of your rent less of a hassle. Our rent payment policies are clearly spelled out and provide you with hassle–free payment methods that fits your need and clearly–defined timelines.. When there’s maintenance or other issue, we jump on it with our own staff as well as any necessary contractors and service companies we need to resolve the problem. We work with some of the very best electrical, plumbing, structural, and general repair contractors in the areas. You have enough to deal with in your everyday life, so let us deal with your home maintenance problems.
Easy 24/7 Online  system Feedback & Problem Reporting
We know you’re busy, and when you’re at home and a problem pops up, maybe one of those pesky maintenance issues we all face in the home, we want you to be able to bring it to our attention whenever it’s discovered. We also want you to know that we’ve received your maintenance request and we’re resolving the problem.Once you become a tenant you will receive an email from our system to sign up for our 24/7 property management system for report forms for maintenance problems, etc.. Signing up will allow us to report to you that we’ve received your request and will be working on it, as well as reporting progress. If you give us your cell phone number, we’ll text you as well. Our system is also for feedback, comment and suggestion, so feel free to use it to let us know your opinions and how we can improve our service to you..


Featured Properties

Check out real estate rental properties offered by JB Real Estate & Investment, Inc. They’re just a few of the many fine rental homes we manage in this area. If you’re searching for your next home, check them out. If you’re a homeowner, don’t you want to see your home featured on our site We’re recommended highly by our owners because we cover all of the bases to assure them of highly effective marketing and efficient property management.


There are a large number of diverse and interesting communities, neighborhoods, and subdivisions in and around South Bay “Southwestern” Region of Los Angeles. JB Real Estate & Investment Inc is fortunate to have a great many quality rental homes in these communities, and we want prospective tenants to be able to research community and neighborhood attributes and amenities here on this site.

After all, renting shouldn’t mean a second–class home or one in an area where you aren’t going to enjoy your lifestyle. Of course, convenience to your employment is a factor, however, there are many neighborhoods in central areas that could meet your needs and we have homes in many of them ready for you to occupy and enjoy.

JB Real Estate & Investment, Inc has become a respected and leading rental property management resource for both homeowners and tenants over the years. We didn’t reach this position by just doing what every other property management company does in the same way. We have innovated and perfected in the provision of services to both our quality property homeowners and our tenant customers.If you’re a homeowner who wants to rent your home to the best tenants we’ve thoroughly screened for you, we’re the company to call. To check out the complete description of our Homeowner Services Package Contact us todayOur tenant customers are highly valued, and they know it. JB Real Estate & Investment, Inc’s tenant services are unequaled in rental property market. Our tenants also recommend us to their friends and others, bringing the very best residents for our top notch properties.

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